• Zooming in to the limits: Electron Microscopy Facility

    Seeing is believing. But what happens when one deals with really tiny structures, invisible even to visible light? 


  • Reprogramming Life: Stem Cell Facility


    “Facilitating Research” is a series put together by Dr Deepti Trivedi, Head of Research Facilities, to explore what it requires to run a research facility at Bangalore Life Science Cluster. She will be talking to the Facility In-Charges of different facilities over the next few months. 


  • Decoding the Genome - Next Generation Genomics Facility

    Core facilities are an integral part of modern research. They provide not only unique resources and state-of-the-art capabilities but also technical expertise and experience so that a non-expert scientist can confidently perform specialized experiments and aim to move their research program in any new direction. Facilities serve as a nexus for collaborations, interdisciplinary research, and platforms for cost-effective innovation.