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RDO publishes its first article on research management in NCURA magazine

The Research Development Office (RDO) at the Bangalore Life Science Cluster celebrated a decade of operations in the field of research management in 2020. The establishment of the RDO was in recognition of the need for centralized and structured research management services for a complex research ecosystem, and the office has dedicated itself to supporting the scientific community of three institutions with different mandates. Dr. Malini S. Pillai and Dr. Vineetha Raghavan published an article about the RDO in the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Magazine, titled "Celebrating a Decade of Success- Research management at a research institute in India".

The article delves into the history of the RDO, and its integral role in research management on the BLiSC campus over the years. They discuss how the initial focus on fundraising through grants grew to include other activities, including fostering both national and international collaborations, communications, and philanthropic fundraising. The article highlights the impact of the RDO on individual research programs and at the institutional level. The RDO has become an integral part of the scientific administrative support system at BLiSC and  is a pioneering example of the potential for an institutional centralized service for fundraising and research management in India.. “It was a great opportunity as a research administrator to pen down my thoughts about the role of a facilitator in academic institutions and the impact that it has on individual research programs as well as the overall research mission of the institute. I thank NCURA magazine for this opportunity,” says Malini Pillai, Grants Advisor.

Vineetha Raghavan, Head, RDO- Grants and Research Collaborations shares how the article is a milestone for the RDO, “This is the first article on research management from our office in an internationally acclaimed journal in this field, and is a milestone in itself because of the recognition we have received from an international community of research managers. It was a great honor to receive an invitation to submit an article to the NCURA magazine in their issue dedicated to celebrating success.”

Times are changing and with institutions in India increasingly looking forward to establishing research management structures, it is important to realize that this niche area can play a crucial role in not just enhancing research funding per se but delivering excellence, impacting institutional research programs and catalyzing the future scientific ecosystem in India.

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Excerpts from the article are reproduced here with permission from NCURA, the National Council of University Research Administrators, USA, Image reproduced from the NCURA publication carrying the original article.