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NCBS Annual Talks 2016 – Photostory

The National Centre for Biological Sciences held its much-awaited yearly event, the Annual Talks from 11th to 13th January this year. The auditoria during seminars were generally overflowing, and the poster sessions were the sites of lively explanations and passionate discussions. Much science was explained, assimilated, examined, and fresh concepts and approaches were suggested. Post-event, the campus now wears a rejuvenated appearance after the scientific bonanza as students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty members refresh old alliances, forge new ones and mull over novel ideas that originated during the event.

This year's theme titled 'Coming of age: Transitions in biological systems' was a special one in many ways. The theme not only highlighted NCBS entering its 25th year, it also celebrated the transitions in thoughts and approaches to biology that have evolved at the Centre over these years. Biological phenomena are now examined via a plethora of tools that seamlessly transition between mathematical and computational methods to active, experimental approaches in laboratories with data integration from clinical settings. The Annual Talks theme this year is a potent harbinger of the changes and maturation that NCBS is set to undergo in the following years.