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NCBS welcomes new faculty member: Archishman Raju

The National Centre for Biological Sciences is delighted to welcome Archishman Raju, who joins the NCBS as its newest faculty member.

Archishman's research is in the theoretical modelling of biological systems. He is currently interested in modeling cell fate specification and finding general models for fitting experiments in developmental biology. He is also interested in how mathematical theories of evolution are changed by including development.

For his postdoctoral work at the Rockefeller University in New York, he worked on making dynamical systems models of developmental biology. He contributed to developing an alternative paradigm of modeling which mathematically models the Waddington Landscape instead of the underlying genetic networks.

Prior to that, during his PhD at Cornell University in New York, Archishman was working in the field of statistical physics. His work characterized the change in physical theories depending on the scale of observation by tying it to the ability to infer parameters of the theory. 

At NCBS, Archishman joins the Simons Centre, and will continue to apply his previous framework to different examples, explore its applicability, and its relationship to parameter inference. Furthermore, he is interested in how one can model phenotypic plasticity and genetic assimilation.