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Introducing Developmental Biology at Deshbandhu College

There are numerous moments during our PhD journey when we can’t help but be fascinated by science. We wonder how exciting it could have been if we had seen all these experiments or instruments when we were just starting to learn about science in college. So, when Dr Varsha Baweja from Deshbandhu College (University of Delhi) contacted Dr Raj Ladher (Faculty, NCBS) for a short webinar, we were too happy to show what research in a developmental biology lab looks like.

We started with Raj giving an introductory talk about Development and the Inner ear. Then we shared a short tour of our lab, talked about the model organisms we use, and showed them some techniques we routinely use. We arranged for short quizzes in between, like asking the audience to guess the stage of a chicken embryo and questions like ‘does fish have an inner ear?’. It was a very enriching experience.  This opportunity allowed us to talk about our research in a way to pique curiosity in young minds, many of whom will go on doing research themselves in a few coming years!

You can watch the online lab tour and interactive talk here: (