Forever FARANS?

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Artwork: Geoff Hyde. Photo of Raghavendra: Nivedita Awasthi

“Oh God! We missed the shuttle, it’s a Sunday evening, it’s pouring, where are we gonna eat now?” Pat comes the reply, “Chill dude, FARAN’s hai na, we will surely find something to eat there”.

“Chalo Yaar, I am tired of working, let’s take a break”.

“But it’s 11:30 man, kya break, and what do you wanna do at this time?”

“Let’s go to FARAN’s and play TT”.

“Bro, cricket match, India vs Australia, gotta be there at FARAN’s tomorrow to watch it live”

So, you have a peek into our lives at odd times now, par yeh FARAN’s kya hai? Welcome to NCBS, and FARAN’s is the most happening place (apart from labs) here. It stands for Fun And Recreation At NCBS. Cool! All from the horse’s mouth, the fundo place boasts of a TT board, carom board, a spacious TV room, a small balcony side sitting room, which overlooks a sprawling lawn and a newspaper room where you are at liberty of discussion (huh), all for the recreation of tired minds. And behold, the fun does not end there, a small store near the stairs sells enough goodies for those eerie hour hunger pangs. From chai shai, to halka fulka snacks, from cold drinks to fag, name it, and you can find it (be reasonable). So, we don’t swear by the place for nothing. Watching matches and having pre and post discussions and arguments, unwinding by playing some sport or simply watching the pattering rain drops with a cuppa tea….FARAN’s is the place to be.


Late Night Lures. Photo: Nivedita Awasthi.

The place fully thronged with students at night for tea, coffee, snacks, puffs or cold drinks is a regular sight. The reason why the shop associated with the place is so popular is simple. It’s accessibility. Since NCBS is a little away from the main market area, we need a place that provides us with what we want, snacks, tea, coffee and basic necessities. The guy running the stores - Raghavendra - comes pedalling his cycle all the way from Yelahanka.

FARAN’s has been home for quite a number of events. Be it the Fresher’s party for the newstuds, small conference, dinner after some meetings, photo exhibition or just relaxation, our FARAN’s has always been at our disposal. The small verandah inside overlooking the pool makes a perfect place for tranquilizing those research minds. The place opened up in the sometime distant past and has become an integral part of socializing among the students ever since, and why not, it provides perfect ambience to refresh ourselves.

As rightly said, change is the only constant in life. So be it. Necessity and new ideas lead to improvement. The name of this improvement is the Sports Complex, the fitness centre constructed newly right next to the main canteen. A well equipped gym, badminton court, squash court, a spacious TV room adorn the new recreation centre. So what makes the new recreation centre different from the old one? To begin with, the place is more sophisticated, organized. The TV room is alluring because of the bigger and better TV and ultra cozy sofas. The badminton court is big enough to actually learn and play the game. The fitness centre invites you to burn that flab off. The icing on the cake however is the swimming pool. With the facilities and security around it, it sure is one of the main attractions here.

With everyone being health conscious these days and such amenities at our service, the new complex is becoming a crowd puller. However, will the opening of the new sports complex mean that FARAN'S will slowly die? Well, only time will decide that, who knows, we even might have one come up in the new centre in the near future. One thing is for sure, the spirit of FARAN'S must always live on.


This reflects the penury of

This reflects the penury of NCBS-social, cultural and recreational! The importance of a 12X12ft pocket room in the life of NCBS students! Poor people! NCBS, an aqarium in a 3 star hotel lobby-where "Farhan's" is the "bog-wood" for the 'gold, angel, cat and carp fishes'! (No sharks yet!) Good thing- NCBS has a reasonably good spot for sports and swimming! SMG

Nice article Nivedita! In my

Nice article Nivedita! In my opinion, this blog has painted an overly rosy picture of FARAN. TV works in black and white and infact does not posses a remote. They don't keep newspaper in FARAN any more. From my personal experience, 90% of the time the Raghvendra (the stall owner) does not have snacks but loads of chips to eat (my definition of snacks is hot Samosa, hot veg or egg-puff). Most of the time conversation go like this Q1: Do u have Samosa? A1: No , Q2: Do U have Puff? A2: No, Q3 Cold drink atleast? A3: No. That is how it always ends. "The place fully thronged with students at night for tea, coffee... " - This does not sound right!!! Indeed the other day we were discussing that after main canteen, we need to revamp/reform FARANS. If within two days, I see a post like this, I think it is very disappointing. thanks Anupratap

You should also have

You should also have mentioned the disappointment of the students at the sight of FARAN's snacks counter being closed which nowadays is a regular feature and nobody seeming to be doing enough about it. The "choda yaar", "mujhe kya", "bol ke kya hoga" types of attitude of NCBS students.

Good post Nivedita! Despite

Good post Nivedita! Despite the attraction provided by new sports complex, i am sure the spirit of FARANS is still alive. It is a home away from home for most of the night owls at NCBS, to munch snacks and relax. Vinodh

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