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  • NCBS Science Day Delights All

    NCBS Science Day Delights All

    The first edition of NCBS Science Day took place on Saturday, 12th November 2016. Over 600 kids from schools all around the state of Karnataka came to the campus and learnt about how science can be applied in every-day life. The event was a beautiful depiction of how people from all walks of life can convene to celebrate one passion; in this case, science. Several labs from NCBS and inStem provided experiments to demonstrate the uses of science in everyday life.

  • Interview with Prof. Inder Verma

    Interview with Prof. Inder Verma

    Prof. Inder Verma is a pioneer in the field of creating virus-based gene therapy vectors and has made major contributions in the fields of cancer and immunology. His group uses lentiviruses - viruses to which the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV belongs - to create gene transmitting vectors to generate mouse models of human cancer.

  • Dolna – The crèche

    Dolna – The crèche

    "Grrrrrrrrrr," says a chorus of young voices, followed by a burst of laughter. On the screen is a smiling man cheerily reading out a story about a lonely bear who loses his growl and finds it again. The children are from the on-campus crèche Dolna, and the man on the screen is Rob Biddulph, an award-winning children's story book writer from the UK. This summer, Dolna has organised an innovative new activity for the children in the form of a live book-reading session via video conferencing.