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Hello Sir..... I am a PhD

Hello Sir..... I am a PhD student working in bacteriology to study Host-microbe interactions in cardiac disease patients at the school of biological sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University. I was impressed by reading your interview and infact, couldnot beleive a person to be a faculty at NCBS at a very young age. Felt good to know that u are an alumni of anna univ and ur experience with some of the best Profs in CBT..... Prof.Gautam and Prof.Sankaran sounds good. I donot know much about transcriptional reglation in E.coli and nothing about network biology.... There is a group here at SBS, MKU working extensively on E.coli genetics for nearly 3 generations now.... I want to learn about network biology and its role in bacterial genomics and this would help me as my work proceeds further.... All the Best Sir.... and wish u success in all ur new endeavours....


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