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I completed MSc in 2007 and i

I completed MSc in 2007 and i applied asking for research position in NCBS.Veronica ma'am was the only one who replied to my mail.She asked me to come to her lab.I read her articles .But when i went there,she did'nt recognise me.Unfortunately i did'nt even have the print out of the mail that she replied.But she was kind enough to talk to me, and advised to clear the exam for fellowships,which is when i realised that i have no future in this field without any fellowship.Iam still trying to clear it.Iam always thankful to her for making me realise,how much it is important to have a fellowship to do research.She is always special to me, as ma'am is my first interviewer. I pray to god that her soul rests in peace.


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