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I had heard about Veronica's

I had heard about Veronica's demise sometime back from my uncle Prof Ramanan and it saddened me a great deal. I only recently gathered up enough courage to put my feelings down into words (someting that I rarely do). I had interacted briefly with her when I was a Visiting Fellow at Vijay's lab at NCBS. What struck me was her incisive questioning and insight into the project I was then working on. I was impressed with the awesome intelligence that I sensed behind her questions. and this put me in permanent awe of her. The only other person who instilled this kind of awe in me at that time was Vijay himself! I am sure it must be a real loss to Vijay who has collaborated with her on many projects. I learnt a lot of good science from both of them. It is indeed sad that she passed away when she still had more to deliver to the scientific community. May her soul rest in peace. S.Vijayalakshmi


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