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Congratulations! Prof. Smita Srinivas selected as Clarence Ayres Scholar 2021


Prof. Smita Srinivas has been selected by the Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) as the Clarence E. Ayres Scholar for 2021, in recognition of her outstanding work in the area of institutional economics. Several eminent economists have been recognised by the Ayres award since 2013. 


She was also a recipient of the Myrdal Prize in 2015 for theoretical contributions in evolutionary political economy with her book ‘Market Menagerie: Health and Development in Late Industrial States’ (Stanford University Press).


Prof. Smita Srinivas is the founder of the Technological Change Lab (TC-Lab) a research platform that connects economic theory to policy design and realistic development plans, a Professorial Research Fellow in Economics and Development at The Open University (UK), and Visiting Professor at NCBS, where she heads the Innovation for Cancer Care in Africa programme, a four-country partnership, among other roles she plays. 


Prof. Srinivas has been engaged in the US, UK, and India in tackling outdated economics, especially in the study of dynamic features of innovation, knowledge systems, and technological advance. She says, “Eventually, I hope Indian universities will also teach an economics that's completely overhauled, since it's a good 40 years out of date in theoretical areas, and persists in very narrow methods. Some of us are doing this work in a large group on India right now.”


Read more about Prof. Srinivas’s work here.