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Purkinje Neurons in Mouse Cerebellum Make the Journal of Neuroscience Cover

The Journal of Neuroscience’s edition on 28 April 2021 Volume 41, Issue 17, carries a cover image created by Sreeja Kumari Dhanya, whose paper with Prof. Gaiti Hasan is published in this edition.

This confocal image shows Purkinje neurons in a mouse cerebellar section. Purkinje neurons that expresses tdTomato fluorescence are immunostained with calbindin (green). The ER-Ca2+ sensor STIM1 supports expression of genes that maintain dendritic morphology and synaptic input of these cells.

Their paper is titled, "Purkinje neurons with loss of STIM1 exhibit age-dependent changes in gene expression and synaptic components". Read the paper here: