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More Fun Than Fun: Evolution on Islands in Water, in the Sky and Elsewhere

The sky islands of the Western Ghats have hitherto remained poorly studied, but now that is changing thanks to some remarkable work by V.V. Robin and his students and collaborators, including Uma Ramakrishnan at NCBS. 

In a study published in 2015, Robin, C.K. Vishnudas, Pooja Gupta and Uma Ramakrishnan presented a comprehensive analysis of the bird community of the sky islands in the Western Ghats. 

The 2015 study was preceded by a pilot study in 2010. During his PhD under the mentorship of Anindya Sinha at the National Institute for Advanced Study, Bengaluru, Robin worked with Uma Ramakrishnan of NCBS to examine the effect of valleys and climate on the distribution of one bird species.

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