The People's Choice - Popular Vote winners

Winners of the NCBS Photocompetition
Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
Down to earth

A reflection of the winner - Photo by D Sakeena

A bird in flight!

Flight of fancy wins second spot - Photo by S Sinha

The first NCBS  photocompetition has culminated after an exciting neck to neck competition, with two images racing ahead to win the popular vote. Durafshan Sakeena's image of the reflection of the NCBS buildings caught on a table-top at the cafeteria won the imagination of most NCBSians and soared ahead to win top spot in the Popular Vote Prize. A victory immediately after her successful completion of the comprehensive exam should come as sweet reward after all her hard work.

Sumit Sinha's capture of the bird in flight was a close second winning votes for the brilliant capture of the moment.

The winners will receive cash awards reimbursable against the purchase of books, for Rs 1000 and Rs 250 respectively, for winner and runner-up.Winners can contact the accounts section with the bills corresponding to their book purchase in order to receive their reimbursements.

The results of the judges vote will be announced next week!




Good capture Congratulations

Good capture Congratulations !

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