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NCBS's new sports complex opens
Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Artwork: Geoff Hyde

Sports and recreational activities at NCBS gained momentum recently with the opening of the sports facilities of the SCDC (Sports Cum Dining Complex). The new facilities provide a ray of moonlight to brighten the lives of students too often caught up in a vicious circle of work and worry. Every evening now sports lovers flock to the SCDC, a much welcome addition to NCBS culture. Those who used to take an evening walk or jog around the nearby GKVK campus now throng to the SCDC. The efforts of Engineering and Administration, and the construction staff themselves, have made this all possible and must be applauded.

The sports complex houses a fitness room on par with a modern gymnasium. There are also separate courts for indoor games such as badminton, squash and the ever-popular table tennis. The basement sunken courts are furnished with highly-finished wooden floors and equipped appropriately to suit the needs of each game. The swimming pool behind the main complex building is located close to the lake and trees, an inspiring natural setting.


New Swimming Pool

Those of a more leisurely persuasion can be armchair sports-lovers and cheer on their favorite teams while watching the LCD television of the Recreation Facility. Rumour has it that even the odd teleserial or two is also being enjoyed on the big screen. The lawn on the terrace along with the stone stairs has become a popular place to gather and swap news.

The sports complex is an almost revolutionary addition to NCBS. Many students used to travel into to the city to pursue ther sports and pastimes, always a daunting task. Others never took up sports at all, but the complex is making it easy for first time users to quickly pick up new sports, helped along by their peers. This has opened up whole new avenues for socializing on campus, bringing benefits beyond the exercise or sport itself.

Of course, with a great amenity, comes great responsibility. “The show is run by new sports committee that arose like a phoenix out of the ashes of the old gym committee”, says U.S. Bhalla, professor at NCBS. Users in each sport group frame their own set of regulations and strike their goal in order to ensure smooth functioning of the respective facility. The members of overseeing committee do perform certain tasks, but it is the self disciplined approach of the users that keeps activities at the sports complex on the right track. Visitors gain entry by using their access cards to open the electronic lock system, as in other parts of the campus. In the pool, special lanes, and times, are set aside for use by different user types. For example the 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm slot has been allotted for families to gather and bond while splishing and splashing.


Badminton Court

Most of the users are elated at the new opportunities and have commented that the ambience at the SCDC is better and brighter than the old facilities. Although we all remain engrossed with our work, one can maintain health, achieve mental peace and be a part of the community by taking some time out at the SCDC. We should all be aware of the beneficial impact of recreation on our physical and mental well being. Let's not be dull, but brill.
Faculty Dining

The Nearby Faculty Dining Area




Hi, This is Sidhartha Sekhar

Hi, This is Sidhartha Sekhar Swain again , here I am adding few more names in addition to the earlier; for the SCDC . 1) Rainbow house ("seven colors are there in the rainbow similarly seven events are there in SCDC exa:- swim, Gym, Badminton, TT, Toy football, Carom, squash") 2) NCC (Ncbs Community Center), 3)NFAP (Ncbs Fitness-Amusement park)

Hi, This is Sidhartha Sekhar

Hi, This is Sidhartha Sekhar Swain from Engineering & Service Dept. , Here I am adding few more names for the SCDC . 1) NIG (Ncbs Indoor Games) 2)N.G(Ncbs Gymkhana) 3)N.S.H(Ncbs sporting hub) 4)NCRF(Ncbs center for Recreational Facility) 5)NCR(Ncbs Center for rewind)

Good News! Deadline for

Good News! Deadline for suggesting name has been extended until 07 th April 2010 - 23.59 hrs (IST). Vinodh

sry for late

sry for late entry... SOLARIS....!! - The ultimate source of energy (Latin name for SUN) Anand

Contest closed!

Contest closed!

Palaestra (ancient greek

Palaestra (ancient greek public gymnasia). Naina K

Dear all, Thanks for the

Dear all, Thanks for the overwhelming response and competitive spirit! Anonymous suggestions cannot be considered as entries for the competition, hence i request those who had posted names for the complex but not of theirs to include their name before the deadline (23:59 hrs of 31 March 2010). Vinodh

The Upi Bhalla Project ( like

The Upi Bhalla Project ( like The Alan Parsons Project, get it? *nudge nudge*)

I would suggest

I would suggest "ANTICRASTINATE" - Opposite of PROCRASTINATE for our Sports Complex. maithly

Hi, this is Venkat from

Hi, this is Venkat from Engineering services. I would suggest to name the sports complex by the name HYACINTH. Hyacinth is a flower symbolising SPORTS, PLAY, GAMES, RASHNESS etc. Why a flower name: All our buildings other than Research & Admin blocks are named among flowers like Parijatha, Mallige, Champaka and Mandara. To continue this tradition, we may consider naming the building by a flower's name. Further, a flower symbolising the activities in the building (sports, games, play involving rashness at times) looks more logical to me. Hence HYACINTH. Hyacinth may look like a rare name, but tell 10 times and it feels fine & nice. Above that Hyacinth is a good looking flower available in variety of colours. - Venkat (

Hey, Ive got a long list.

Hey, Ive got a long list. Dunno if it makes it easy or all the more hair-tearing!:P 1) The NCBS pitSTOP ( as we stop here to refuel ourselves, be it food or exercise). 2) The de-TOX Lab (keeping in mind its a research inst, consisting of labs) 3) The re-FUEL Lab 4) The GAMING lab/ GAMElab 5) The GAMEyard/ GAMEfarm/ GAMEcube/The Sportsyard/ Sportsfarm/Sportscube. 6) MidCourt 65 (65 refers to the pincode of NCBS, and a midcourt exists in all games with a court) To give it an Indian touch, since all the buildings have such names, 1) The MAIDAN 2) kuruKsHETRA (tHINK SOMEone's already suggested this) 3) NirvANA. (The nIRvana Lab) 4) The Gilli dANDA zone/yard/farm. (:P Sorry if I wandered A bit too far with this one). :) Shraddha Nayak.

Gosh! I just cant stop, got

Gosh! I just cant stop, got another one To ADD, 1) The NCBS PlayStatION.

Hey how about, ‘Phoenix’.

Hey how about, ‘Phoenix’. It’s a legendary Arabian bird said to periodically burn itself to death and emerge from the ashes as a new phoenix. The reason I say this is that we did have a sports facility before, but the complex that we are blessed with now has emerged from what was already there - in a more salutary manner. Hence being a renascence of an existing feature and thus being a Phoenix. :)

And how is "Colosseum".

And how is "Colosseum".

Aangan , Colosseum.....Shishu

Aangan , Colosseum.....Shishu

Dear all, thanks for the

Dear all, thanks for the suggestions! (3 cents, Aangan and Colosseum) Please mention your name if you wish to post comments as anonymous user. Vinodh

How is "Aangan" ?

How is "Aangan" ?

I agree with Sonia. something

I agree with Sonia. something simple and easy to refer to. Maybe the Fun Complex. Adil

Suggestion 1: Jolokia Naga

Suggestion 1: Jolokia Naga Jolokia is the hottest chilli in the world, and is found in India. Perhaps appropriate to name the complex after a spice, because the sports complex livens up NCBS, and because of the dining complex. Alternatives: Suggestion 2: Kurukshetra Apart from the contests that the sports complex hosts, the dining complex is also the site for many fights with Ramanna. Niraj

(Reformatted and

(Reformatted and reposted)

Suggestion 1: Jolokia

Naga Jolokia is the hottest chilli in the world, and is found in India. Perhaps appropriate to name the complex after a spice, because the sports complex livens up NCBS, and because of the dining complex.


Suggestion 2: Kurukshetra

Apart from the contests that the sports complex hosts, the dining complex is also the site for many fights with Ramanna.


Here is my 3 cents : Xanadu,

Here is my 3 cents : Xanadu, Club DNA or Refreshome

I suggest "The Club", "The

I suggest "The Club", "The Health Club" or "The Sports Club". They are not grand names, but easy to refer to at the end of the day. Thanks! Sonia.

Suggestions for the naming

Suggestions for the naming ceremony of Sports complex. Taruni - is name of flower Chrysanthemum, which stands for excitement. Rajnigandha - is name of flower Tuberose, which stands for pleasure. Kumudani - is name of flower lily. Shreyas.M.Burji C-CAMP


Taslim, Shuchita and Sowmya thanks for your suggestions.... Vinodh


I recommend "Dharana" which in sanskrit means immovable concentration of mind, also attributed to firmness and steadiness. These are few qualities which a sportsman acquires and hence the name.


A suggestion for the name of the sports complex- "Agon". Agon is the spirit and essence of competition in greek mythology as also in Philosophy.

Bhabha Sports Complex - from

Bhabha Sports Complex - from Taslim

Previous comment was posted

Previous comment was posted by me. It was unambiguously not anonymous. Only suggestions posted as comments on the story will be considered for the prize. Please type "SUGGESTIONS" in subject column. Hurry up for the competition! Vinodh

New name competition

Hi Vijay! Thanks for the comments . Hope everyone enjoys sports and story as well. Here's another good news too! There would be a competition for christening our new complex and is open to everyone from NCBS, inStem and C-CAMP. New name for SCDC can be posted along with participant's name or e mail address, and the best entry would win an attractive gift from Vijay. Deadline: 31 March 2010.

A real name for the SCDC!!

Great Post Vinodh! I too enjoy the sports complex though we really need to fix many things with the new dining area (noise for one): But that will be done soon. Its wonderful to be able to jog, swim (not yet tried) and pump weights. The SCDC as a name is ghastly though: Can we think of a real name? Lets have a global or at least NCBS and inStem wide competition. The winner gets a pair of running shoes, or squash racquet or some such. Closing date, March 31st. Can you organize this with Geoff. We can have the sports committee as the jury. Cheers Vijay

Dear folks, As per my

Dear folks, As per my suggestion the building name would be 'Revival' meaning . To impart new health, vigor, or spirit to. Cheers Prashanth

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