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Thursday, October 21st, 2010

The University of Cambridge has conducted the 'Student Conference on Conservation Science' (SCCS) since the year 2000 in order to provide a platform for emerging ecologists and conservationists around the world to meet, and discuss current issues in conservation with experts in the field. The year 2010 saw the first edition of the Indian chapter, named SCCS-Bangalore (, which, like its Cambridge counterpart, focused on student participation and training by means of presentations, workshops and discussions. Four years of planning by Suhel Quader from NCBS, Raman Sukumar from IISc and others culminated in an event hosting about 320 participants including 20 oral presentations and 46 posters. Additional events included panel discussions on controversial issues, and a session called “Who's Who in Conservation”, where representatives from different conservation-related organisations interacted with participants.

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