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It was during a NCERT Summer

It was during a NCERT Summer Training Program for Biology stream of Science Talent Scholars that I attended a lecture by Prof. Obaid Siddiqui, then from the TIFR Mumbai and he provided a simple narration about some of the molecular biology fundamentals. While the actual lecture topic was intended as a primer on on Molecular Biology, to me it left a profound effect in the sense that a whole new paradigm was opened out for me that was totally novel and yet mesmerizingly fascinating. All the while till then I was expanding my interests in Botany since that was my Majorsubject for B.Sc. from the Pune University. The unassuming and down to earth simplicity of Prof. Siddiqui was so inspiring that we were actually astounded at it since we had seen far less accomplished college and university teachers portraying a pompous professorship that never suited them. May you rest in everlasting peace Sir.


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