Sights and sounds of NCBS to feature in Spanish television documentary

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Recently, NCBS was the venue for the shooting of a documentary for a Spanish television channel in Madrid. The show, “Madrilenos por el mundo”, documents the lives of Spanish expatriates all over the world and for this episode the spotlight will be on the life of resident Spaniard Eva Romero. Eva, a post-doc at NCBS in the molecular trafficking laboratory, has made Bangalore her home for the past two years. The show kicked off in NCBS where interviewer Juan Luis and camera person Daniel followed Eva in her lab. The fluorescent mitochondria moving about in the nervous system of the worm, C.elegans, a subject of Eva’s research, make a special appearance in the show. Eva says, “I had to explain to them that NCBS is not a university but is a leading research institute in India akin to the Cajal institute in Madrid.” The crew also met up with another Spanish-speaking student-researcher at NCBS, Erix Milan, who hails from Cuba. Juan Luis and Daniel were pleasantly surprised by the investment in research at NCBS and the calm and green campus environs at NCBS after the traffic and chaos they had encountered on the streets of Bangalore. The terrace cafeteria and the cappuccino machine in the Admin block were a hot favorite with the television crew. The NCBS feature will be accompanied by other sights and sounds of Bangalore such as the floral displays in the city market, pottery town, and the school of music, where David, Eva’s husband, plays music with a local group.


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