Lead Story Graphics I Jan-April 2010

Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Each weekend NCBS News puts together a new edition, and highlights the lead story of the week. A big part of the lead story is the accompanying graphic, which also adorns and refreshes the NCBS home page. You can check out all the graphics created so far by choosing "Lead Story Graphics!" from the main Navigation bar, top right of screen. Many of the lead story graphics have been the result of the graphic artistry of NCBS's own Shovamayee Maharana.

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Artwork: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: Breaking Barriers: Celebrating the life of Albert Libchaber. Jan 2 2010.



Artwork: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: Data miners scout for more powerful tools. Jan 9 2010

Jayant Narlikar's Cosmology

Artwork: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: Jayant Narlikar's Cosmology Jan 16 2010.


Artwork: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: Molecular Motors Conference. Preview. Jan 23 2010


Artwork: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: The living history of the Ashtavaidya scholar-physicians of Kerala. Jan 30 2010.


Artwork: M.Sc Wildlife Program. Edited: Geoff Hyde. Story: Against the tide. NCBS's Wildlife students. Feb 6 2010.


Artwork: Conference Program. Edited: Geoff Hyde. Story: Maestros of Memory. Feb 13 2010.


Artwork: Geoff Hyde. Story: All work and well played makes Jagdish a brill boy. Feb 20 2010.


Photo: Avinash Chinchure. Edited: Geoff Hyde. Story: The Unsung heroes. NCBS honours its general staff. Feb 27 2010.


Artwork: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: Beyond Microscopy: Nanoscopy! Mar 6 2010.


Photo: Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi. Edited: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: Overwintering on the roof of the world. Mar 13 2010.


Artwork: Shovamayee Maharana. Story: Waste not, want not: porcupines dine on hornbill's left-overs. Mar 20 2010.


Artwork: Adapted by Geoff Hyde, original photo, Étienne-Jules Marey. Story: Regulatin' Rhythm. Mar 27 2010.


Photo: Sushant Dey. Edited: Geoff Hyde. Story: Under Threat: the shrinking world of the Ganges River Dolphin. April 10 2010.


Artwork: Geoff Hyde. Story: Good Laboratory Practice. April 19 2010.


Artwork: Geoff Hyde. Photo of Rhagavendra: Nivedita Awasthi. Story: Forever FARANS? April 24 2010.



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