Beauty lies in the technicalities

Winners of the judges vote for best photos
Friday, October 29th, 2010
Cenote in the Yucatan peninsula

Ashesh's winning light dispels the darkness

A hard fought battle between competitors and judges has boiled down to these final, but difficult decisions. The first NCBS photo competition has come to an end with the announcement of the judges decision for best photo and runner-up. Ashesh's brilliant image of the hole in the roof of the cave had a clear edge over competition with unanimous votes from all our judges. The winner was clear, but the heat was on for the second spot.

As judges and organizers alike deliberated, a close poll decided that the second spot would go to the photograph that made even speeding Bangalore traffic look beautiful. Venkatesan's creation of peace amidst the chaos blazed ahead to win our second prize.
Tranquility amidst flowing traffic

Venkatesan's capture of tranquility comes in second

As with the popular vote winners, the winners of the judges prize will receive cash awards reimbursable against the purchase of books, for Rs 1000 and Rs 250 respectively.Winners can contact the accounts section with the bills corresponding to their book purchase in order to receive their reimbursements.


We would like to thank our judges Vicky Lakshman, Aditya Joshi and Chris Hyde for their time and patience. You can check out the skill of our judges at their pages below:

Vicky Lakshman

Aditya Joshi

Chris Hyde



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