A Great Man is lost to us

Posted on 09:52:40 29 Jul, 2013
Avinash Bala 228 Huestis Hall, University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403-1254 USA avinash@uoregon.edu +1(541)206-2823
As so many have said, Obaid Siddiqi was a pioneer, a visionary, and one of the giant figures in Indian Science. He was a Scientist, an excellent teacher, and a compassionate man. I owe him so much, and his passing is a great loss to all who were lucky enough to have worked with him, or learned from him. I will cherish the years spent with him, listening to the talks that so often lasted many hours but still held our attention and interest, and letting his vast stores of knowledge and perspective seep into me. He was the most influential figure in my life, supported me through a very rough few years, and above all, helped me see the elegance of the scientific method that I now proselytize. I join his children, family, friends and colleagues in mourning his loss, and at the same time, feel extraordinarily thankful for having had the opportunity to know him and to be his student. His legacy as a scientist will live on in all his students, their children and their own students. It certainly does in me and mine, down to the words I choose, and the work I do each day.

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