my Guru Prof. Obaid Siddiqi.

Posted on 12:57:13 28 Jul, 2013
Neeraj Soni, University of Copenhagen.
NAMO NAMA SRI GURU PADUKHABYAM, which means, salutations and salutations to the sandals of my Guru Prof. Obaid Siddiqi. I remember when I was his student, still smiling, a great scientist and above all a true human. I believe him as a symbol of greatest soul and working with him was an honor for me. I recall, every morning he would walk into the electrophysiology (EP) room with his great smile, standing tall and very confident even at the age of 80’s, I was amazed by his tremendous energy. He demonstrated and introduced me to every equipment in the EP room while we both sat on ground. While he made figures and equations on a paper or any surface, I could see in his smile, the joy of doing science and teaching. It was truly a very touching moment for me. He taught me how to face challenges and the deep pleasure of doing science. I am really very fortunate to have him in my life and I regret that there will be no such satisfying moment in life my again..:(

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