TIFR and Obaid a turning point in my career

Posted on 10:19:09 28 Jul, 2013
Surekha Zingde, ACTREC Navi Mumbai
My thoughts go back to July of 1977 when I returned to Mumbai after completing my PhD at Boston University. While at Boston I had written to him inquiring about the possibility of an opening in the Molecular Biology Unit at TIFR. I was informed “come by and we will see”. So I did. I came back to Mumbai with no official commitments in my hands regarding a placement. I called Dr Siddiqi from Churchgate station and mentioned that I was in Mumbai and could I stop by. He called me over and before the day was done I was a Fellow at TIFR. These events will always remain etched in my memory. TIFR has been an experience where I learnt the fun of science under the quiet but firm and warm leadership of Obaid. After a two year stay at TIFR I moved on to Cancer Research Inst/ACTREC and was there till I superannuated this March. My years at TIFR with Obaid will always remain with me as a turning point in my life and career. His warm smile when I wished him Happy Birthday (80y) in Jan 12 will remain in my mind for years to come. May his soul rest in peace. My thoughts are with Asiya and his family in these times. Surekha Zingde, Navi Mumbai, surekha.zingde@gmail.com

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