Long Live Obaid

Posted on 11:33:07 27 Jul, 2013

Obaid used to tell us, half tauntingly; "What you have in your colleges, we do not have at the TIFR.... this large number of hands of minds of undergraduate students." Looks like, some of us took this comment literally! So, years after, when we were to start the Collaborative Undergraduate Biology Education (CUBE), we chose to name the Start-up Award for undergraduate colleges engaged in collaborative research, as Obaid Siddiqi CUB Research Start-up Award/Grant. While giving his consent on 25th July, exactly an year ago, he mailed us thus: "Dear Arunan, Your project is an interesting one. By all means use my name if that helps. If you discover really enthusiastic students, I could offer one of your prize winners a short stay in my lab to do some experiments on behaviour. Would that be of use? Best wishes, Yours, Obaid" For us, Obaid is among those undergraduate students and teachers, today. Long live Obaid! Arunan

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