Our condolences

Posted on 11:00:31 27 Jul, 2013
K. ULLAS KARANTH, PH.D., F.A.Sc. Director for Science-Asia Wildlife Conservation Society & Director, Centre for Wildlife Studies
I am writing to express the deep sadness that all of us in the WCS India
team feel at the death of Prof. Obaid Siddiqui.  His loss is
irreplaceable not just because he was a great biologist and a mentor,
but also because of the incredible warmth and old world courtesy that
radiated from him.

Kindly share our sincere condolences with all colleagues at NCBS as well
as Prof. Siddiqui's family. He not only a played a vital role in the
formation of NCBS as is well known, when Anindhya and I were trying to
find a host for our proposed MSc wildlife program he encouraged us
enormously right from the beginning.

On a personal note, many years before NCBS was established in Bangalore,
my wife Prathibha had met him in TIFR in Mumbai with her then
collaborator computational scientist late Prof. R. Narasimha. I
distinctly recall her telling me what an impressive person he was...

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