• Moth-ER's Day Celebration 2015

    At the annual six-leggers’ council meeting T’was the Lepidopterans’ general feeling; It was high time that humans treated insects With due respect, and not as pests. So, a wriggle of caterpillars met under the moon, Crooning as they spun their comfy cocoons. “We’ll show those humans our value – come eclosion day; We’ll impress them so much, they’ll celebrate Moth day!”

  • The Bangalore Microscopy Course – 2015

    This year, the 7th BMC meeting was held in NCBS from 20th to 27th September, 2015. Microscopy is a technique that is used in most aspects of biological research. The field of microscopy is a dynamic one with new technology and techniques being developed for a vast array of uses. The Bangalore Microscopy course is an intense, week-long course designed to cover the many aspects of microscopy and explore new developments in this field for their potential application in research.

  • Kamal Bawa, Ajay Sood and John Kuriyan elected as Fellows and Foreign members of the Royal Society in London.

    Noted scientists of Indian origin, Kamal Bawa, Ajay Sood and John Kuriyan have recently been elected as Fellows and Foreign member of the Royal Society in London. They are expected to be formally admitted to the Royal Society on 10th July 2015. The Bangalore Biocluster campus extends its warm congratulations to these luminaries.

  • Twists and turns of life: patterns of DNA supercoiling

    "A bend and a twist, then stretch and turn, now relax". What sounds like a series of exercise instructions, are also words that describe the various shapes a piece of DNA can assume. The classic double helix structure that one associates with DNA is but an extremely limited view of its physical 'shape'. The molecule that holds the codes of life is capable of further winding itself into myriad complex shapes called 'supercoils' that are capable of affecting gene expression patterns.

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