• Of Bugs and Beetles: 
Deadly bacteria select for immune memory in beetles

    We live in a world dominated by microbes, and most organisms have had to evolve strategies to deal with both, beneficial and pathogenic microbes. For humans as well as the animals we have domesticated, vaccination is by far the most popular and effective strategy against many pathogenic microbes. Vaccination relies on immune memory: on first exposure to a pathogen, our adaptive immune system generates specific antibodies, protecting against re-infection by the same pathogen.


  • 7th Annual Science Journalism Workshop

    NCBS announces its 7th annual science journalism workshop, which will be held on campus from August 6 to August 19th, 2017.

    The workshop’s main objective is to impart the basic skills necessary for communicating science to the lay person via the written word.

  • Another step in understanding antipsychotic medication

    After much deliberation and anxiety, the family finally sought psychiatric help for their son.  And the results were in a way, a relief.  The doctors’ verdict was that their child, their teenage son, was suffering from bipolar disorder. His wild mood swings between hyper-enthusiastic activity and deep depression were treatable.

  • Science, Society and NCBS

    Science is regarded as one of the most significant cognitive enterprises of our times and the interface of science with society is becoming increasingly complex. The campus recently hosted an event titled "Science, Society and NCBS", aimed at exploring ways in which the practice of science relates to larger questions of society.