NCBS Webmail - An Integral Part of Our Lives

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Photo: Ankita Chodankar

What do NCBS students do first thing in the morning? They check their email, of course.

Almost everyone at NCBS has an email id ending with "". And all of us check it religiously. Fire drills, renovation, due dates for assignments, and of course sweets - there is a mailing list for everything! When everyone is well informed, there is a sense of belonging.

With sending emails being so convenient, it is not unusual to open your inbox and find a dozen emails from students on a particular mailing list, the more recent ones of which look like, to quote student Thangaselvam, "a chatbox".

While we claim to be irritated by the usual mails about seminars, events, etc. the truth is that on Sundays we get restless, as that comforting trickle of bytes dries up. Everyone at NCBS suffers from at least a mild case of "email addiction".

NCBS webmail is based on SquirrelMail, and we all know it has some issues. Even before we open an email id we are confronted by a daunting choice - do we open our email in spite of the disturbing warning displayed on the screen? Then there is a limit on storage space which means we must clear our inbox of all that old news at regular intervals. Yesterday's riveting message is today's spam.

If you get overzealous with your pruning, ordinary deletions can be recovered easily. Many students import the emails from the NCBS email id into another email account which has a lot of storage space and a good spam filter. Beware PhD students, if there is any incriminating evidence in your NCBS inbox, ensure that you delete and "expunge" it.

Tafheem Masoodi suggests a new direction for NCBS email: 'More personal information could be added like "relationship status" to email ids to "humanise" NCBS webmail'. Ajeet Pratap Singh says: "NCBS webmail is your window to the world outside your lab". We all see it as part of helping PhD students to "get a life". Its successfulness is subject to debate.

There is only so much email can do for you...


Can you post the server ip

Can you post the server ip and port information such that it can be configured in some webmail client? There is no such information available on the net.

I figured it out. If someone

I figured it out. If someone is looking for the information, here is the blog post.

Really, does NCBS webmail

Really, does NCBS webmail need 'Relationship Status" ??? Is not facebook enough any more ??

Dear Author, Squirrelmail

Dear Author, Squirrelmail definitely has it's shortcomings, and can hardly be termed good looking. However, Webmail is provided as a backup mechanism for email access only. Criterion for selection are basic functionality and lean consumption of server resources. For a more rounded email experience I would recommend using a Email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or even Microsoft's Outlook Express. Cheers !

Very nice Ankita..sufia

Very nice Ankita..sufia

I am studying bsc advanced

I am studying bsc advanced zoology with biotechnology how can I apply for MSC in your college which is ncbs very much interested doing my MSC in wildlife conservation what is the cut off marks and eligibility criteria please let me know that

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