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Its indeed shocking to know

Its indeed shocking to know of Veronica's demise. I joined Veronica's lab at NCBS in the April of 2004, as a graduate trainee, fresh out of my masters degree to gain some practical research experience. During the one year, that I spent in her lab, I gained significantly in disciplining my scientific thought in a structured manner.One of her best qualities,was to look at people and problems in an impartial manner and infuse a sense of discipline and dedication towards work,through her sheer presence, which I must say was nothing short of intimidating,but necessary, considering the diverse backgrounds that we all held as students of her lab.One of the things, that I constantly recall , were the frequent lab meetings and journal clubs that kindled in me the spirit of scientific analyses and the art of reviewing a scientific paper, not to forget, the cheeky banter of sarcasm,sprinkled with good intentions. All said, Veronica was a mentor and guide,whose absence has left an irreplaceable vaccuum among her students and colleagues spread across the world.


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