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Veronica & I were classmates

Veronica & I were classmates through secondary and high school in Nairobi. We lost touch with each other but re-connected over the years. In 1980 while visiting Mumbai, I bumped into her in Colaba. I couldn't believe it was her but after some hesitation, I persuaded my husband that it was her, we turned around and followed her into a chocolate shop! Imagine my delight when it did turn out to be Veronica and we met up a couple of times - after so many years, the same old Veronica - beautiful, warm, funny, sincere, witty, enjoying life, passionate about her work, self-effacing and we had such a blast picking up our friendship as if it was just yesterday. As I was packing up to leave Vienna this August, I came across her email and sent her an 'are you still there?' email. Immediately I got her delighted reply but also learnt about her illness. She was honest about the seriousness of it but upbeat and I kept hoping...She connected up with many Nairobi schoolmates and wanted to visit Kenya, see her old school and we even talked about playing netball together! I am so proud to read about her scientific achievements and how highly regarded she was by her peers. Her bravery in facing her illness and living life to the full right to the end is an inspiration to me. May God give her family and friends the strength to bear this unbearable loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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